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Memories of the Dustbowl

November 15th, 2013

All farmers are all very aware that their livelihoods are largely controlled by mother nature.  In fact there are some major problems in the US today with the hot and dry conditions we’ve had in 2012.  However any problems pale into insignificance compared with the period known as the ’Dust Bowl’.

During the 1930s the extreme weather destroyed farmland and transformed the landscape into little more than a desert.  Not only livelihoods were affected – thousands were killed by an infection caused by the dust clouds that moved across the landscape. The infection was dubbed ’dust pneumonia’ for obvious reasons.

This severe weather came at a time when the world was already reeling from the Great Depression.  It’s nowhere near as bad now but that’s not to say there aren’t some pretty terrible conditions around now.  Of course technical and agricultural improvements have helped us cope better with extreme conditions but we are still heavily reliant on what Mother Nature brings us.

Over 60% of the USA was suffering what’s classed as moderate drought and upwards, which is nearly twice which was affected the previous year.  Studies have shown that America is in it’s worse drought since 1956.  Of course this should bring some impetus into the Climate change discussions but for an outsider little seems to be happening.  It is likely the US and World in general will have to get used to a gradual temperature rise and extreme weather conditions for the future.

On a related note I had to spend some time in Europe for a few weeks recently.  I was really annoyed to find that I couldn’t access my local TV channels to check local forecasts.  They were all available online but because my IP address wasn’t recognised as an American one I got blocked.  Anyway I found a solution if anyone has the same problems, you just need to use a proxy switcher to change your location like this.  This web site has lots of information on how to get a US IP address and bypass these blocks –  Hope someone finds it as useful as I did.

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