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From Droughts to Floods

December 24th, 2013

Colorado is suffering huge weather swings in recent years, from one extreme to another the State’s farmers are battling to survive.  The industry is vitally important to Colorado’s economy with the sector estimated to generate almost $9 billion a year. The drought that has been causing so much hardship has now receded in a devastating manner with some huge floods being experienced.

Some of the pictures from the air are showing a lot of damage to farmland.  It’s still to early to assess the financial impact but it is likely that produce, crops and irrigation will all have suffered in the deluge of flood water.

Of course for such a drought stricken area, there are some benefits too.  The soil will have benefited in the long run as long as erosion hasn’t become an issue.  The reservoirs will  now be full which will hopefully benefit the following year if the rainfall levels reach a similar level.

If you want to see more in depth coverage then the local and regional TV stations are best.  You can watch most of them online for those out of the area although you will almost certainly need a US IP address to access the majority of the content and the news reports – you can get one here at this site.

Ok so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are interested then this video shows how.

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