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For Southern Colorado, it will be a welcome respite after years of extreme weather.  However the exceptional rain although causing some damage has at least brought relief from the extended periods of drought which have become all too common.  It has been announced that it is drought free by the National Weather Service, which compared to last year when most of the area was either in extreme or exceptional drought.  The record rainfall has meant that crops have been watered and reservoirs and rivers are now mostly full which has to be good news.


One local farmer was quoted as saying that the rain was good news and that they would hopefully be able to plant all that acreage.  The rivers being full mean that even if the rain stays away for a while at least there is a reliable source of water that can be used.  It’s still going to be a tough year for some of Colorado’s  farmers with the severe rainfall having delayed planting of many crops.

It’s not surprising that so many farmers are finding the industry tougher and tougher in Colorado.  The extreme weather swings are difficult to manage in farming which is obviously heavily reliant to be able to plant, grow and harvest crops efficiently.  Records keep getting rewritten for all sorts of weather events and May this year was the sixth wettest since the National Weather Service started keeping records in 1888.

Farmers have been increasingly looking to technology to try and cope with these weather patterns and fortunately there are many resources available on the internet.  If you arm yourself with an online IP changer like this –, you can access resources in most countries across the world.

It’s not just a problem in Colorado of course, many US States are having the same issues. California has had severe drought problems for many years and they are implementing strong changes to water rights in order to protect various waterways across the delta watersheds.

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