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It’s often a point that is neglected when people start complaining about immigration.  There’s much shouting about ‘taking our jobs’ for example, yet this fails to address that often immigrants perform a vital role in an economy. Often it’s farmers who rely on them the most, after the Brexit vote in the UK there is […]

In the USA, Colorado takes the safety of oil and gas regulations very seriously and it has arguably the toughest oil and gas safety regulations in the country.  However a new report has found that Colorado ranks in third place for adverse health impacts from pollution related to oil and gas.  With regards the metropolitan […]

Avalanches are a real danger in Colorado and in fact they are by far the most dangerous natural event in the state.  Statistics show that since 1950, avalanches have killed more people than any other natural hazard.  Furthermore Colorado accounts for over 30% of all avalanche related deaths in the United States  – this statistic […]

Colorado offers an incredible selection of vacation ideas. Lodging can be found in an assortment of selections. The Internet may be fantastic place to research quite a few different locations to have ideas on prices, weather considerations, events to think about planning around, and so on. If you’re planning a vacation in California, then there’s […]

Industries There are various farming activities in the various regions. Choosing organic is a superb solution to manage the people you care about. You might even know some individuals in your region that just want to cook and also would be ecstatic if they were part of your own route. People, including farmers, suffered with […]

For Southern Colorado, it will be a welcome respite after years of extreme weather.  However the exceptional rain although causing some damage has at least brought relief from the extended periods of drought which have become all too common.  It has been announced that it is drought free by the National Weather Service, which compared […]

THe towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, have applied to become the state’s first designated International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) community. If approved, the towns that border each other will join 29 parks and eight other communities all over the world that combat light pollution during the night to maintain the view of the night time […]

Counting the snow flakes might not sound to be an appealing job or even one that will be very important. But Mike Strobel understands that what he does to get a living has a far reaching impact, one in which millions of Americans have a vested interest, including farmers, ranchers, traffic security officials, highway engineers, […]

Most of the ranches of today can be traced back to the days of homesteading. Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, Western migration supported by supplying 160 acres of public property to settlers. In exchange, homesteaders were required to finish five years of constant residency, or pay $1.25 per acre after 6 […]

Hemp Farming Comes to Colorado

January 5th, 2014

Well it may prove to be the ultimate ‘cash crop’ for hard pressed farmers in Colorado, but what are the rules and regulations for budding hemp farmers in the State. I am referring of course to the legalisation of marijuana in the Colorado which took effect this week.  Obviously there are some restrictions and it […]

From Droughts to Floods

December 24th, 2013

Colorado is suffering huge weather swings in recent years, from one extreme to another the State’s farmers are battling to survive.  The industry is vitally important to Colorado’s economy with the sector estimated to generate almost $9 billion a year. The drought that has been causing so much hardship has now receded in a devastating […]

Hard Times for Farmers

December 16th, 2013

It’s a difficult decision for the owners of ranches in Colorado, should they sell cattle when the time are tough.  There are very specific considerations including the existence of a small flower – the larkspur.   Most of the local cattle have by now developed an immunity to this normally posionous plant.  So a farmer […]

Time to Plant

May 8th, 2013

So I hope everyone survived the last frost in Colorado, it was brutal to see yet another Colorado Rockies season start with home games (come on MLB, make a better decision give us an extra week on the road, why would Arizona and Colorado play here on April 3rd, that is simply bad planning) with […]

Things are not looking great for corn production in Colorado.  Estimates are starting to come in and it is expected that there will be up to 200,000 less acres planted this year.  The reason is primarily the drought and the financial implications on farmers in Colorado are bound to be severe.  This figure represents more […]

Hypertension.  It affects a large percentage of adults in colorado.  Did you know that it can also kill you?  Take some time to learn about blood pressure before it’s too late. Prehypertension is a condition where one’s systolic pressure readings are between 120 and 139 or diastolic pressure readings are between 80 and 89.  Once […]

Wine Elite in Colorado

December 19th, 2012

We have talked a bit about how the state of Colorado might enter into the wine elite and how they have a real opportunity to do so, but are you aware that selling your wine, even once you’re producing elite wine simply isn’t that easy? One thing I would definitely suggest to the state of […]

Colorado and California

November 14th, 2012

Colorado and California have an awful lot in common.  First and foremost, the state’s share much the same population.  As prices have skyrocketed in the Golden State, Colorado has seen an influx of residents, especially those from the incredibly pricey Bay Area. Some of those residents have helped to change viewpoints, and yes, even the […]

Farming is a very tough job. It requires dedication and a lot of perseverance to be a good farmer.  Most people think that farming is just an easy task. Just plant here, water there and it’s done. The truth is farming is a very busy job. The tasks in farming are not only about physically […]

Colorado is an agricultural state where the country gets most of its fruits and vegetables and other farm products. It is a great place for any aspiring farmers who want to build a great agribusiness. It is also a great place to enjoy nature and its beauty. The young Colorado farmers are not just aggressive […]

Can You Explain The CYF Program? The Colorado Young Farmer program is a program devoted to early farming instruction and cultivation of the land amidst today’s logistical issues. We discuss much more than the soil; air and water are discussed in detail in conjunction with soil. Who Can Enroll In The Program? Anyone interested in […]

Colorado has some of the most fertile agricultural land in America and is one of the most important states in America for livestock feed. Indeed Colorado is the leading producer of proso millet. It also has the fourth largest crop of sunflowers in America. It is a state that is heavily dependent on agribusiness. But […]

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