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More and more people around the world are taking a stand against animal abuse. Because of this we have over the last 10 years, seen a large increase in sales of organic meat. People are becoming more willing to pay the increased pric of organic mean, but with the increase in production, the prices are getting lower. But it’s not just because the animals, people are buying organic meat. It’s also because if often taste better, and contains more protein and less fat than normal non-organic meat does. Not only does it contain a higher amount of proteins, it also contains more omega-3 fatty acids. These are the kinds of essential fats, which are good for your body. In fact, a small daily amount of omega-3 can help lower your cholesterols and lower the chance of heart diseases. Of couse, this isn’t true for all kind of meat. Most of the low fat types of meat such as chick or tyrkey don’t have that much more protein, but when we look at other kinds of animals such as pigs or cows, then we will see a big differences if it’s an animal who is used to using it’s muscles, or it’s an animal who barely walks at all during it’s entire life. Without proper exercice a lot of muscles turn into fat, this goes for both humans and animals. When we buy meat, we want meat with a low amount of fat. Not only does it often taste better,it’s also more healthy. Because of this, we are now seeing an increase in sales of organic meat as people want to eat protein and not fat.

A research done by the magazine Kostumer from Tyroler in 2014, showed that over the last 10 years, the sales of organic food has increased by almost 275% compared to non-organic food. This is quite a lot. This has also caused more farmers, both in Colorado and in many other states to focus more on organic farming. Several european countries like Norway and Sweden, are also starting to put a lot of restrictions on import of non organic pork meat. Mainly because the increased amount of medicine used in raising non-organic pigs, but also because of the cruelty many pigs suffer while being raised in a normal farm. The article by Kostumer also showed than more farmers are changing the entire production to organic in order to get a piece of the increased interest for organic foods. We also see that more elite sports people are only eating organic food, meainly because it’s more rich in protein, but also to avoid getting caught in a anti doping control, as some of the medicin used in non-organic farmning are on the anti doping list. And we have seen examples of people eating meat which contained enough of these types of medicines to trigger a false positiv in a doping control. On Billig Protein you can see a list of different types of mean and how much protein each contain, both for the organic and the none organic version.


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